Heroes in Blue

Our Story Begins.



  • Tyla Jade (PC – Lori Burdette)
  • Raven Razorwind (PC – Adam Burdette)
  • [ADAM] (PC – Adam Corey)
  • Quorhan Half-Hand (NPC)
  • Jeb (NPC)

While on leave from the Republic Naval Academy, [ADAM] was sent by his family to inspect their holdings on a small forest planet called Burtoonie. There he met with the over-seer of his parents business Quorhan Half-Hand. Quorhan informed [ADAM] that a very expensive Auroachos had escaped the herd as was missing and possibly wounded. The animal was very expensive and represented a substantial loss to the enterprise should it die.

Quorhan hired a young tracker named Tyla Jade to track the animal. Tyla comes very highly recomended but was unknown to the over-seer so it was decided that [ADAM] should accompany her as she tracked the animal.

Meanwhile, Raven Razorwind meditated in a glade near Cow-Town while his master attened to matters in a near by star system. Ravens master is notorious for disappearing for long periods of time, leaving Raven to his own training. Raven has been deposited at Burtoonie with no indication from his master on when the absent teacher will return.

While meditating, Raven felt a distinct presense in the forrest. A discernable evil. An agent of the dark side of the force. He lacked the training to pinpoint the source of the feelings but the presense was unmistakeable, it must be some agent of the dark side.

It was quickly discovered, by Tyla, that the animal they were tracking had been wounded and was driven away from the heard. Tyla and [ADAM] tracked the animal to a near by clearing where they discovered it frightened and bleeding. They also discovered a suprised Jedi, Raven, staring the large bull down.

Unknown to Tyla, her party was not the only group interested in the bleeding Auroachos. A wyvern cat, attracted by the smell of the dying animal, stalked it as well. As the trackers circled the bull in an effort to capture it the wyvern attacked, throwing the bull into a frenzy.

Durring the battle, [ADAM] as critically wounded by the rampaging bull. Tyla and Raven were able to subdue the creature and drive the wyvern from the clearing.

It was then that Razor noticed they were being watched. Razor confronted the spy and quickly realized that the watcher was a Mandalorian! Razor chased the spy to a near by ship, which was camafoluged by netting and fake branches. The Mandalorian scout was too fast for Razor. He reached the ship and took off before he could be overtaken by the Jedi. As Razor watched the ship climb into the air he realized he might still be in danger. What ever presence he felt in the clearing was not the spy. Something was still here.

The next morning, Quorhan inspected the carcas of the dead bull. In the corpse, he found a long, one meter spike burried deep in the abdomen. The Quorhan could not identify the spike but it was definately organic. What ever embeded the spike in the animal had lost it and might still be near.

[ADAM] also told the half hand of the Mandalorian spy. The news visibly shook Quorhan. The Mandalorians were known for sacking settlements and taking slaves. Quorhan begged [ADAM] to tell everyone on the planet so they might prepare themselves for the surely oncoming raid. [ADAM] refused, siting the need to maintain peace.



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