Heroes in Blue

The liberation of Up and Down


  • Pygar (Ed Riddle)
  • Fit Kisto (Nick Riddle)
  • Raven (Adam Burdette)
  • Tyla (Lori Burdette)
  • Faro (Adam Corey)
  • Kren (Ambrose)

A desperate plea

Our heroes first went back to the old Sith temple where they found an aparently used Sith chamber. After a short but productive meeting with the people hiding in the Sith temple, the heroes left, knowing they might have little time to save Up, Down and River Run.

Down Town

The heroes rushed to the town of Down on Burtoonie after receiving reports of a Mandalorian force near the town. They used the ships scanners to locate the Mandalorian force approaching the town from the North East. Pygar was able to land the ship close to the rear of the moving Mandolorian force and the heroes prusuied the raiders.

The Mandalorians saw the heroes approaching and positioned their force on a nearby waterfall ridge. The raider leaders attempted to parlay with the heroes but began to get nervous as the heroes began to flank them. One of the Mandalorian leaders lowered his helmet and thats all the provacation the warrior Kren needed. Kren blasted the raider leader whos armor barely saved him form the assult. The battle was pitched but the heroes were able to defeat the Mandalorians who consisted of two wounded Mandalorian Crusaders, three Neo-Crusaders and six conscripted slaves.

After the battle the heroes barely limped into the town of Down. The locals from the town were extremely greatful. The town’s folk were certin the Mandalorians would pillage the town and enslave the people there. The heroes were badly wounded so the people of the town gave up their bacta tank resources to heal the heroes. They didn’t charge the heroes anything to show their grattude even though the Bacta was extremely expensive.

Up Town

After Down was safe the heroes rushed to the town of Up. The heroes found Up deserted save a strange glowing figure they found in the middle of the town. The glowing woman told the heroes that she was a Jedi protector and that the heroes needed not concern themselves with the town of Up. Raven, however, knew differently. He sensed a dark side presense from the town. After questioning the Jedi for several minutes, it was confirmed that the Jedi was actually a Sith Witch who was flanked by several Sith warriros!

A pitched battle ensued. With stragic use of grenades the heroes quickly dispatched the Sith warrirors but the Sith Witch proved much more troublesome. With force lighteningand force choke she quickly locked up the two Jedi of the group and seemed to have the party locked down. Suddenly, Pygar activated his rocket pack he looted from the Mandalorians of Down. He rocketed over the canyons and other party members and slammed his shoulder into the crone, knocking her out.

What will the heroes find in the abandoned town of Up?



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