Heroes in Blue

The Battle of River Run


  • Kren (PC – Ambrose)
  • Pygar (PC – Ed)
  • Fit Kisto (PC – Nick)
  • Faro (PC – Adam Corey)
  • Raven (PC – Adam Burdette)
  • Tyla (PC – Lori)
  • Jendo (PC – Dan)
  • Quorhan Half-Hand

While the heroes Raven, Tyla and Faro investigated the mysterious creature and prepared for the invasion of the Mandolorians, new heroes orbited the planet as captives. Pygar, a Trianii scout shared a cell with the Jedi Fitt Kisto, a Nautolan and a brutish warrior Kren of the [KRENRACE] peoples. They were prisoners and conscripts, collected from the worlds ravaged by the marauding band of Mandolorians.

It was obvious to the prisoners the cell was a death trap. Many other prisoners in the crowded cell had died over the course of the months in space and their bodies were left to rot in the cells. The prisoners were barely fed and when they were, the cruel goalier fed them from the scraps of the Mandalorian hounds on board. It was only a matter of time before they would die.

Kren grew restless and and hurled body against the bars to no effect. He smashed the door using the long dead cellmate bodies as makeshift battering rams alerting the guards. However, his actions provided cover for the Jedi Fitt to mind trick the Mandolorian crusader guard. The guard was strong willed but Fitt overcame his defenses, forcing the goalier to unlock the door. With the door open, the prisoners sprang from their prison. They quickly sprang at the hypnotized guard intending to kill him but the Mandolorians are warriors. The guard quickly dropped one of the prisoners before the Jedi was able to smash him using the force. Unfortunately, the commotion alerted the other warriors on the ship and the prisoners were soon placed back into their cells. However, there was new hope. Pygar had been able to palm the key. And so once again they waited.

Soon it was time for the Mandalorians to raid again and this time the world they chose was Burtoonie. While preparing for the raid the Mandalorian ship was attacked while still in space. They fought back but the attack was overwhelming. At one point the entire ship lurched hard, throwing everyone inside to the deck. The ship groaned and explosions jarred it while super-hot gasses began to fill the fore. The prisoners saw this as their opportunity to escape. Pygar unlocked the door and they fought other Mandolorian slaves on their way to the escape pod. They barely escaped with their lives and as their pod sped away from the dying ship, they saw many of the Mandolorians had also escaped, their pods heading to the surface of Burtoonie.

Once on the planet, the pod was discovered by Faro, Raven and Tyla. The band of prisoners quickly joined the heroes of Cow-Town in preparing to repel the remnants of the Mandolorian raiders. The heroes now needed all the help they could get because it was soon revealed that Quorhan Half-Hand had taken a number of families to the old Sith Ruins. The ruins were built into the side of a large mountain and were widely believed to be the most defensible place on the planet. Some help did arrive in the form of Republic troops, led by Jendo.

After looking at the world of Burtoonie the heroes decided to check out the power plant. Jendo took the force of 20 men to the power plant and space dock. However, if the Mandalorians had planned to strike there they had not arrived yet. Jendo decided to leave a force of two squads to defend the power plant, splitting his force in half.

Meanwhile, Faro, Kren, Pygar, Fit, Raven and Tyla went to speak to Quorhan and to help him create defenses at the mountain temple. While there they received some shocking news. The small town of River Run had been attacked. The holo call showed streams of fire streaking over the ground which engulfed the town. Quickly Jendo tried to fly close to the town but was repelled by blaster fire from unseen vehicles embedded in the towns parameter.



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