Heroes in Blue

Reports from Burtoonie

Reports come scattered in from Burtoonie:

I. Get Down

The Town of Down Report:

Me and Kyle was foraging up along the Widow-maker and we saw them. They was below, climbing along the stubborn pass looking like they was moving to cross the gulch. Kyle, he turns to me and says, “Those bastards are sitting ducks there on that trail. They can’t run! We should blast ‘em now!” He was sure they was sitting ducks. So we aimed real careful at the lead one and we did shoot him good. Full in the chest we did but…that armor they wore…he just slammed the wall and shook it off. Next thing we know they was flying across the chasm! All three of them, they just flew at us with blasters blazing! They shot Kyle clean through the eye. I tried to fight back but I lost my feet and I fell into the gorge. When I woke I was in a spinneret. I guess I was lucky it was an old one because I never saw the spinner, just her work. I ran back as soon as I could.

II. River Runners

The Town of River Run Report:

“River Run is lost. We attacked them in the sky and they sent their monsters upon us. Then, when their monster was done with us they marched in…proud bastards…with their war machines and dogs. They took us without losing a man among them. Those bastards. Those bastards.”
The man goes quiet and begins to weep. Soon after, he dies.

III. Up?

Transmission from Up:




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