Heroes in Blue

The liberation of Up and Down


  • Pygar (Ed Riddle)
  • Fit Kisto (Nick Riddle)
  • Raven (Adam Burdette)
  • Tyla (Lori Burdette)
  • Faro (Adam Corey)
  • Kren (Ambrose)

A desperate plea

Our heroes first went back to the old Sith temple where they found an aparently used Sith chamber. After a short but productive meeting with the people hiding in the Sith temple, the heroes left, knowing they might have little time to save Up, Down and River Run.

Down Town

The heroes rushed to the town of Down on Burtoonie after receiving reports of a Mandalorian force near the town. They used the ships scanners to locate the Mandalorian force approaching the town from the North East. Pygar was able to land the ship close to the rear of the moving Mandolorian force and the heroes prusuied the raiders.

The Mandalorians saw the heroes approaching and positioned their force on a nearby waterfall ridge. The raider leaders attempted to parlay with the heroes but began to get nervous as the heroes began to flank them. One of the Mandalorian leaders lowered his helmet and thats all the provacation the warrior Kren needed. Kren blasted the raider leader whos armor barely saved him form the assult. The battle was pitched but the heroes were able to defeat the Mandalorians who consisted of two wounded Mandalorian Crusaders, three Neo-Crusaders and six conscripted slaves.

After the battle the heroes barely limped into the town of Down. The locals from the town were extremely greatful. The town’s folk were certin the Mandalorians would pillage the town and enslave the people there. The heroes were badly wounded so the people of the town gave up their bacta tank resources to heal the heroes. They didn’t charge the heroes anything to show their grattude even though the Bacta was extremely expensive.

Up Town

After Down was safe the heroes rushed to the town of Up. The heroes found Up deserted save a strange glowing figure they found in the middle of the town. The glowing woman told the heroes that she was a Jedi protector and that the heroes needed not concern themselves with the town of Up. Raven, however, knew differently. He sensed a dark side presense from the town. After questioning the Jedi for several minutes, it was confirmed that the Jedi was actually a Sith Witch who was flanked by several Sith warriros!

A pitched battle ensued. With stragic use of grenades the heroes quickly dispatched the Sith warrirors but the Sith Witch proved much more troublesome. With force lighteningand force choke she quickly locked up the two Jedi of the group and seemed to have the party locked down. Suddenly, Pygar activated his rocket pack he looted from the Mandalorians of Down. He rocketed over the canyons and other party members and slammed his shoulder into the crone, knocking her out.

What will the heroes find in the abandoned town of Up?

Reports from Burtoonie

Reports come scattered in from Burtoonie:

I. Get Down

The Town of Down Report:

Me and Kyle was foraging up along the Widow-maker and we saw them. They was below, climbing along the stubborn pass looking like they was moving to cross the gulch. Kyle, he turns to me and says, “Those bastards are sitting ducks there on that trail. They can’t run! We should blast ‘em now!” He was sure they was sitting ducks. So we aimed real careful at the lead one and we did shoot him good. Full in the chest we did but…that armor they wore…he just slammed the wall and shook it off. Next thing we know they was flying across the chasm! All three of them, they just flew at us with blasters blazing! They shot Kyle clean through the eye. I tried to fight back but I lost my feet and I fell into the gorge. When I woke I was in a spinneret. I guess I was lucky it was an old one because I never saw the spinner, just her work. I ran back as soon as I could.

II. River Runners

The Town of River Run Report:

“River Run is lost. We attacked them in the sky and they sent their monsters upon us. Then, when their monster was done with us they marched in…proud bastards…with their war machines and dogs. They took us without losing a man among them. Those bastards. Those bastards.”
The man goes quiet and begins to weep. Soon after, he dies.

III. Up?

Transmission from Up:


The Battle of River Run


  • Kren (PC – Ambrose)
  • Pygar (PC – Ed)
  • Fit Kisto (PC – Nick)
  • Faro (PC – Adam Corey)
  • Raven (PC – Adam Burdette)
  • Tyla (PC – Lori)
  • Jendo (PC – Dan)
  • Quorhan Half-Hand

While the heroes Raven, Tyla and Faro investigated the mysterious creature and prepared for the invasion of the Mandolorians, new heroes orbited the planet as captives. Pygar, a Trianii scout shared a cell with the Jedi Fitt Kisto, a Nautolan and a brutish warrior Kren of the [KRENRACE] peoples. They were prisoners and conscripts, collected from the worlds ravaged by the marauding band of Mandolorians.

It was obvious to the prisoners the cell was a death trap. Many other prisoners in the crowded cell had died over the course of the months in space and their bodies were left to rot in the cells. The prisoners were barely fed and when they were, the cruel goalier fed them from the scraps of the Mandalorian hounds on board. It was only a matter of time before they would die.

Kren grew restless and and hurled body against the bars to no effect. He smashed the door using the long dead cellmate bodies as makeshift battering rams alerting the guards. However, his actions provided cover for the Jedi Fitt to mind trick the Mandolorian crusader guard. The guard was strong willed but Fitt overcame his defenses, forcing the goalier to unlock the door. With the door open, the prisoners sprang from their prison. They quickly sprang at the hypnotized guard intending to kill him but the Mandolorians are warriors. The guard quickly dropped one of the prisoners before the Jedi was able to smash him using the force. Unfortunately, the commotion alerted the other warriors on the ship and the prisoners were soon placed back into their cells. However, there was new hope. Pygar had been able to palm the key. And so once again they waited.

Soon it was time for the Mandalorians to raid again and this time the world they chose was Burtoonie. While preparing for the raid the Mandalorian ship was attacked while still in space. They fought back but the attack was overwhelming. At one point the entire ship lurched hard, throwing everyone inside to the deck. The ship groaned and explosions jarred it while super-hot gasses began to fill the fore. The prisoners saw this as their opportunity to escape. Pygar unlocked the door and they fought other Mandolorian slaves on their way to the escape pod. They barely escaped with their lives and as their pod sped away from the dying ship, they saw many of the Mandolorians had also escaped, their pods heading to the surface of Burtoonie.

Once on the planet, the pod was discovered by Faro, Raven and Tyla. The band of prisoners quickly joined the heroes of Cow-Town in preparing to repel the remnants of the Mandolorian raiders. The heroes now needed all the help they could get because it was soon revealed that Quorhan Half-Hand had taken a number of families to the old Sith Ruins. The ruins were built into the side of a large mountain and were widely believed to be the most defensible place on the planet. Some help did arrive in the form of Republic troops, led by Jendo.

After looking at the world of Burtoonie the heroes decided to check out the power plant. Jendo took the force of 20 men to the power plant and space dock. However, if the Mandalorians had planned to strike there they had not arrived yet. Jendo decided to leave a force of two squads to defend the power plant, splitting his force in half.

Meanwhile, Faro, Kren, Pygar, Fit, Raven and Tyla went to speak to Quorhan and to help him create defenses at the mountain temple. While there they received some shocking news. The small town of River Run had been attacked. The holo call showed streams of fire streaking over the ground which engulfed the town. Quickly Jendo tried to fly close to the town but was repelled by blaster fire from unseen vehicles embedded in the towns parameter.

Our Story Begins.


  • Tyla Jade (PC – Lori Burdette)
  • Raven Razorwind (PC – Adam Burdette)
  • [ADAM] (PC – Adam Corey)
  • Quorhan Half-Hand (NPC)
  • Jeb (NPC)

While on leave from the Republic Naval Academy, [ADAM] was sent by his family to inspect their holdings on a small forest planet called Burtoonie. There he met with the over-seer of his parents business Quorhan Half-Hand. Quorhan informed [ADAM] that a very expensive Auroachos had escaped the herd as was missing and possibly wounded. The animal was very expensive and represented a substantial loss to the enterprise should it die.

Quorhan hired a young tracker named Tyla Jade to track the animal. Tyla comes very highly recomended but was unknown to the over-seer so it was decided that [ADAM] should accompany her as she tracked the animal.

Meanwhile, Raven Razorwind meditated in a glade near Cow-Town while his master attened to matters in a near by star system. Ravens master is notorious for disappearing for long periods of time, leaving Raven to his own training. Raven has been deposited at Burtoonie with no indication from his master on when the absent teacher will return.

While meditating, Raven felt a distinct presense in the forrest. A discernable evil. An agent of the dark side of the force. He lacked the training to pinpoint the source of the feelings but the presense was unmistakeable, it must be some agent of the dark side.

It was quickly discovered, by Tyla, that the animal they were tracking had been wounded and was driven away from the heard. Tyla and [ADAM] tracked the animal to a near by clearing where they discovered it frightened and bleeding. They also discovered a suprised Jedi, Raven, staring the large bull down.

Unknown to Tyla, her party was not the only group interested in the bleeding Auroachos. A wyvern cat, attracted by the smell of the dying animal, stalked it as well. As the trackers circled the bull in an effort to capture it the wyvern attacked, throwing the bull into a frenzy.

Durring the battle, [ADAM] as critically wounded by the rampaging bull. Tyla and Raven were able to subdue the creature and drive the wyvern from the clearing.

It was then that Razor noticed they were being watched. Razor confronted the spy and quickly realized that the watcher was a Mandalorian! Razor chased the spy to a near by ship, which was camafoluged by netting and fake branches. The Mandalorian scout was too fast for Razor. He reached the ship and took off before he could be overtaken by the Jedi. As Razor watched the ship climb into the air he realized he might still be in danger. What ever presence he felt in the clearing was not the spy. Something was still here.

The next morning, Quorhan inspected the carcas of the dead bull. In the corpse, he found a long, one meter spike burried deep in the abdomen. The Quorhan could not identify the spike but it was definately organic. What ever embeded the spike in the animal had lost it and might still be near.

[ADAM] also told the half hand of the Mandalorian spy. The news visibly shook Quorhan. The Mandalorians were known for sacking settlements and taking slaves. Quorhan begged [ADAM] to tell everyone on the planet so they might prepare themselves for the surely oncoming raid. [ADAM] refused, siting the need to maintain peace.


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